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2017 Fallen Eagle Memorial Fly-In.

This is our annual Fly In to support Hospice & Community Care In Rock Hill.  We had lots of raffle prizes as well as a Pilots prize (DX-9), please support our Sponsors and give them a big Thank you!   Take a look at some of the great pictures from the event, Thank you Rex. There were several different actives for all to enjoy, if you could not make it to the event but would still like to donate to Hospice & Community Care, please visit their Give Back page.   Oh, there was a really good write up about the event in the local Sunday Rock Hill newspaper the Herald, as well as an on line article.  
Below is an "After Action Report" from the CD Bob Russell.

We had an excellent event yesterday by all measures.  The weather smiled on us both Friday night and during the fly-in – clear skys, easy winds, nice temperatures.  Turnout was a little lighter than we’ve had in some years with 45 registered pilots, and Laura reports that we fed about 80 total.  Both flight lines were popular all day.  The Make-n-Take glider contest had four competitors not counting Instructor Nathan who somehow made his glider go further than the little kids.  But they enjoyed trying several times and all won fun prizes.   Aa far as I know the only crashes of the day were in Combat.   The Flight Simulators (thanks Tom and Rex) were popular in the nice clean RDS building, and Trey had three student pilots on the buddy box after lunch.  We even had a Halloween ghost fly-by during lunch. 

Dymond USA hosted breakfast and added a Sig 4-Star to a $2000+ raffle table (thanks Bob G. and all our many great sponsors).   Jim Carroll won the DX-9 pilot’s prize (I think he’s done that before).   Keith ran a brisk raffle and then actioned off an extra nice 30-inch stainless steel wood burning fire pit made by Jeffry Scruggs, husband of our Hospice and Community Care rep Beth Ann.   Brent was so excited about it, he ended up bidding against himself (twice).   BIG UPS to Brent for his exceptional support of the Fallen Eagle over the long haul.   

We made $2600 for Hospice and Community Care – our strongest outcome yet.  I’m sure Tom will have the fine-tuned finals at the club meeting.   The Rock Hill Herald came out, interviewed several participants, and did an EXCELLENT write up in the Sunday paper.  You’ll want a copy if you don’t already have one.   The on-line version will be available here for a while: heraldonline.com

Bob Gruenden recorded a video interview with yours truly that he posted to the Dymond web site.  It actually turned out OK despite Jason providing off-screen distractions as only JJ can do.  This link is working for some and not for others, but here it is: facebook.com/DymondUsa/

There were a bunch-a-folks who got involved to make this happen.  I won’t describe what everyone did, and I’m sure I’ll omit someone by my aging memory – please forgive any oversights.   See if you can recognize all these folks and guess what they did:  Laura, Nathan, Daniel, Sara, Ann, Claire, Ed, George, Doug, Ty, Jeff, Trey, Devin, Keith, Joey, Jason, Mike, Brent, Bob (not R.), Bobby, Luke, Rex, Greg, and Tom.  Thank you for what you did.    

I’ve previously reported that this is my last Fallen Eagle to CD.  I’m ready to pass the baton to fresher legs.  The club always needs more CD’s for sanctioned events, and I’ll work with the next up for the Fallen Eagle.  So raise your hand in the club meeting if you’re interested in CD’ing events.  The club pays the small expense with AMA to get your CD, and it’s a great way to learn more about YCF, the AMA and its regional officers, RC industry leaders, local retailers and media, etc.  

Thanks All.  CU at the field.  Have fun and be safe ………………. Bob R.