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York County FlyersYork County Flyers is an AMA chartered club dedicated to the hobby of remote controlled Model aircraft.

Membership Information

Interested in becoming a member?  You first need your AMA membership number.  Our club requires a Full AMA Membership - not the Park Flyer variety.  (A Full AMA Membership is anything but the Park Flyer membership.  This includes OPEN, EXTRA, YOUTH, and AFFILIATE.)   Head over to the AMA website where you can sign up or renew your AMA application online.

Our preferred method of application submission and renewals are online, all applications and renewals and payments can be processed online, this
 makes things much simpler for all.

*** All age requirements are based on January 1st. Of the calendar year.

Once you've completed your AMA application, as you will need your AMA number, you can then complete the YCF Membership Application.  

We are a casual field that is family oriented and we encourage new and young pilots to join. We offer several different membership levels, all membership periods run from Jan 1st through Dec 31st, except the Trial Membership which is a 3 month membership.

Regular Membership: $100
Requires Full AMA Membership,  for those between 19 and 64 years of age.  

Senior Membership: $80
Requires Full AMA Membership, for those 65 and over.

Junior Membership: Free!
Requires Full AMA Membership (Not Park Pilot), must be under 19 years of age before Jan 1st.  A parent or legal guardian must complete and submit the Junior members application for approval.

Family Membership: $110
Requires Full AMA Membership for each member, applicable for members of any age that wish to sponsor children or grandchildren under the age of 19 prior to January 1st.  A Family Membership includes up to 2 adults (per household) and unlimited Children/Grandchildren that are under the age of 19 by Jan 1st.  The main adult will be the Bundle Administrator, and he/she must add any other members to the family bundle.
The expectation is that any associated family member under 19 be accompanied by the registered adult when at the field or any club sponsored events.

Note that in order to take full advantage of the York County Flyers online website, each individual and/or family member would benefit from a unique email address.  Email is not required to be a member at York County Flyers - but it is required to process your membership application online.
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