York County FlyersYork County Flyers is an AMA chartered club dedicated to the hobby of remote controlled Model aircraft.
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York County Flyers Bylaws and Safety Rules

Club Bylaws

(Revised July 2018)  Download a PDF copy of the YCF Bylaws.

Model Airplane Club is founded to promote and support Radio Controlled Model Aircraft building and flying.

2. The Club is open to all persons interested in building and/or flying Radio Controlled Model Aircraft, also known as UAV, UAS, or Drone.

3. All Club members MUST maintain membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), unless otherwise stated.                     

4. AMA membership is the sole responsibility of each individual Club member.

5. Members must comply with the official AMA Safety Code as published in the current AMA Membership Manual.

6. Prospective members shall submit an application either via the YCF website with online payment or via hardcopy with dues payment to a current Club Officer. A Club membership card will NOT be issued until the applicants AMA membership number has been verified through the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

7. Each new member will be entitled to receive a Membership Card, and a copy of the Club Bylaws & Club Safety & Field Rules.

8. Annual Club membership dues are payable January 1st per the following schedule: 

Regular Membership (ages 19 – 64): $80.00

Senior Membership (65 and over): $60.00

Junior Membership (under 19 years of age by January 1st): Free

Family Membership: up to 2 adults per household and unlimited Children/Grandchildren that are under the age of 19 by Jan 1st: $90.00 

Trial Membership (ages 19 and over): a temporary 3 – month membership with only Flying privileges, must have valid AMA membership: $25 per quarter.

New memberships dues will be prorated as follows (except Trial Membership):

January – June: Full listed dues.

July - September: listed dues prorated for months left in member period.  Example: Regular membership joins in July; dues would be $40.

October – December: Full listed dues to include the next member period year.

Lifetime Membership: Free – must have been a Regular, Senior, or Family member and be nominated and approved by the club.  Lifetime has Flying Privileges and must maintain AMA membership.

Honorary Membership: Free - must have been a Regular, Senior, or Family member and be nominated and approved by the club.    Honorary does not have Flying Privileges, AMA membership not required.

9. Members more than 30 days in arrears on dues shall be notified either in writing or via email and shall have an additional 30-day grace period to pay dues before their membership is suspended.  A $10 late fee will be applied to their dues.  Any later reinstatement within the same year dues are in arrears the member shall be required to pay the full amount in arrears for that membership level.   If a member has been suspended for more than one full membership period, then they can reapply for membership under “New Member” rules.

10. The club fiscal year will be January 1 to December 31, this includes each membership period.

11. Club quorum is 12 members plus officers.

12. Club officer nominations shall be taken in January and officers elections will be conducted during the February meeting.

13. Club officers shall consist of: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and Officer at Large.  The positions of Newsletter Editor and Club Historian will be filled by volunteers.

14. The term for Club officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Officer at Large is one year starting March 1st.

15. Club officers are limited to a two-year term and must then sit out a minimum of one year before they are eligible for re-election to the same officer position.

16. Regular Club meetings will be held monthly, subject to change by notification as needed.  All votes and items discussed shall be duly noted and kept with the minutes of the meeting.

17. Club moneys shall be maintained by the Treasurer in a suitable financial institution.  Checks drawn on the Club Account must have the signature of the Treasurer or President.  Up to $150.00 can be spent for the clubs operating expenses without a vote.

18. A budget-for Club operating expenses must be submitted in February for review and put to vote in March.

19. Bylaws, with the exception: AMA membership requirements or those pertaining to privately owned flying sites, may be amended by a majority vote of the membership attending the announced Club meeting in June for review and vote, as for any changes to take effect in July.

20. Changes, additions, and deletions of Club Rules and Bylaws will be previewed to the Members- via email prior to the voting session. 

21. Guests are limited to three visits after which he or she must apply for membership and be accepted into the Club. A guest flying can fly at a Club site only when accompanied by the Club member who extended the invitation. The host member is responsible for the actions of the guest while at the flying site.

22. No one may be under the influence of alcohol/narcotics while operating Aircraft or During a Public Event.

Safety and Field Rules

(Revised July, 2017)  Download a PDF Copy of the Safety & Field Rules.

1. Members must display their valid member Club badge and AMA card while flying at the field. Guests must be accompanied by a Club member, and must display their AMA card while flying at the field.

2. Any non - AMA member that wishes to try flying must be accompanied by a YCF club member while beyond the fence and all flying must be done with a Buddy box set up or direct hands on by the YCF member/trainer.

3. Any club member has the responsible to verify Club and/or AMA membership status of any known or unknown person(s) that are flying.

4. Sunday morning flying times will be available only to Electric powered aircraft up to 12:00 P.M, after which flying is open to all types of aircraft.

5. Flying in NOT permitted over or behind the pit area or over the School Bus Yard.

6. All model aircraft engines MUST have a muffler of a suitable design to minimize noise. Members shall follow the AMA guidelines for noise control.

7. The last flyer to leave the site is responsible for making sure the buildings are locked and securing the gate at the entrance of the field.

8. ALL spectators (Non YCF Club members/AMA members) must stay out of member area (behind fence) unless accompanied by an YCF Club member.

9. Pets are allowed at the flying site. Your pet must be on a leash and good behavior must be maintained.  Pets must be kept out of member area (behind fence) and you must clean up after your pet.

10. The First Aid Kit is maintained in the Clubhouse and shall be brought out during events.

11. Fire extinguishers are to be made readily available at various locations and checked periodically to ensure full charged and in working order, i.e. nozzle, trigger free of any obstructions.

12. Club Safety Officer will conduct a review of the AMA Safety Code at a club meeting at least once a year and at the pilot’s briefing prior to the start of any club event.

13. Follow all of the Academy of Model Aeronautics National Model Aircraft Safety Code as posted at field.

14. It is the responsibility of all members to ensure all Safety and Operational rules are being followed at all times.

15. No turbine flying is allowed, and no metal props.

Frequency Control for 72 Mhz equipment

1.   All 72 Mhz. Radios must be 1991 GOLD STRICKER, Narrow band.

2.   Place transmitter in transmitter rack when not in use.

3.   When frequency marker is in horizontal position, frequency is available.

4.   To fly use clothespin with your Club Card or AMA Card clipped to Frequency marker in the vertical position. When frequency marker is in vertical position, frequency is in use.

5.   Remove transmitter from transmitter rack. Do not turn your transmitter on unless your card is clipped to the frequency marker.

When though flying, Turn transmitter off, Return to rack, Remove your clothespin with your Club Card or AMA Card and return frequency marker to horizontal position.



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