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York County FlyersYork County Flyers is an AMA chartered club dedicated to the hobby of remote controlled Model aircraft.

Learn more about RC Flight through AMA and YCF.

Just wanting to learn more about AMA and RC Flying, well AMA has a couple great websites to start that journey.  

Discover Flight, has general information on what the AMA offers, "By the Numbers", Find a Club near you, membership FAQ's, and register to get a AMA Discovery Flight Information packet.  

And for the inter child in us all, try the AMA Flight School site.  How to get started by choosing a type of Aircraft, interactive learning tools, How Do I (Batteries, Radios, etc), Programs, and even Camps.

The main AMA site is also full of information.

When you are ready to take that leap and learn how to fly a Remote Control aircraft, but don't know where to start or what type of equipment to start out/learn with or have questions about the hobby, YCF or the AMA, well you're in luck.  The Introductory Pilot Program by AMA is just the ticket, here at YCF we have several AMA registered Introductory Instructor Pilots.  This program gives Non-AMA members and local clubs a pathway for folks that are new to the hobby and want to learn to fly RC.  There are no cost/fees to participate in this program.  We do encourage you to first talk with an Instructor before purchasing any equipment.  This is to help you get a better understanding of the varied types of radio's and aircraft out there, as some are great starter planes and some are difficult even for the seasoned pilot, so we want to make sure you start out with the right equipment and have many successful and great flights.  You do not have to be an AMA member or a YCF member to participate in this program, however the program does have a time limit of 60 days from the first registered lesson.  Your Instructor will register you in the program, they will ask for some basic information, registration can be done either online or via hard copy and mailed to AMA.

Once the Introductory Pilot Program time limit has been reached, and you wish to continue in this great hobby, you will need to join AMA, and to continue flying at the YCF field you must also be a YCF member.  Once the program is complete, please discuss with your Instructor if they would continue to help/teach you after you have joined AMA and YCF, as they may have other students or commitments.  Remember we are all here to help and ensure you have a fun and enjoyable time in this hobby.    

Don't forget to read the AMA Safety Code, and AMA Safety Handbook and the YCF Safety and Field Rules.  Please contact one of these Introductory Instructor Pilots to discuss the program and learn to fly.

Here is the YCF New Pilot Training Manual for use with the Introductory Pilot Program or used as a guide for new AMA pilots.

Introductory Pilot Instructors (AMA Intro Pilot Program Instructors)

Dennis Haynes

Mark Sleeper

Frank Kull

Intro Electric/3D
Brad Robinson


Paul Fleury

Don Monroe

Also view the RC Resources and Links page for more information and articles for Beginners to Advanced Flyers.

We also have some great guys that are willing and able to help.

If you ever need an expert to call when you have questions about how to solve a problem, a new part of the hobby, or just someone to bounce ideas off of, here are your "Go To Guys".  Since RC flying keeps all of us humble, none of these guys will admit to being a subject matter expert, but....... they all know a bunch about RC Flying and many other things.  So if you've got a question contact one of these "Go To Guys".  Just remember, this is not all they do so it may take a day or two to get a response and/or hooked up for a live conversation.  Email is always a good start.  By the way, if you have another category to suggest, or know someone who would be a resource, let us know!


Gliders, Sail, and Discus Launch

Park, Micro, General Info

Doug Sipprell


Gliders, Sail, DGL, Competition

Jeff Carr



Building - Giant/Scale

Phil Lowney

Giant, Scale, Building
Forest Morris

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